Wealth Management - Tipsons Group

Wealth Management

Services provided under WM in brief

  • Assessing the client’s current financial Health
  • Systematic arrangement of finance for the client’s long term & short term goals like- Buying a house, car / Education & marriage of children/World tour etc. & also making provision for contingencies
  • Advising  client the best investment opportunity depending upon
    • Return expectation
    • Risk appetite
    • Horizons
  • Current investment
  • Advising & planning one’s tax related matters in connection to investment planning
  • Reviewing portfolio regularly and suggesting any changes according to the market scenario

Detailed description of services in WM

  • Assessing the client’s financial health – through analysis of current financial context. This includes the income, expenses and net worth (assets and loans).
  • Understand customer’s current investments across debt, equity, realty, PMS, structured products and other asset classes.
  • Helping & advising client to set up Short term & long term goals like
    • Buying a house
    • Buying a car
    • Education of  Children
    • Marriage of children
  • Estimation of the required retirement corpus after detailed discussions with the customer regarding expected post retirement lifestyle and likely sources of other income if any.
  • Suggesting the best investment option depending on
    • Risk taking ability, return expectation ,time horizon  based on milestones planned above
    • Evaluate the existing investments across different asset classes
    • Recommend an asset allocation suitable to customer needs and designed to meet objectives laid out in the Financial Plan
    • Recommend specific mutual fund schemes, debt instruments, equity ideas within each asset class
    • Execute the transactions to achieve the targeted asset allocation and hence the Financial Plan objectives
  • Execute the transactions from time to time.
  • Recommend changes in mutual fund schemes where the performance is not up to the mark.
  • Suggest investment themes and ideas from time to time – covering sectors, new fund
  • Planning for the reduction of tax liabilities and the freeing-up of cash flows for other purposes
  • Planning for contingencies and advising the client suitable term plan mediclaim & other general insurance product

Investment options available with Tipsons

  • Bonds  (Primary & Secondary)
    • Taxable Bonds
      • Includes Bonds of Central / State Government Guaranteed, PSU , PFI, Private  etc
      • Less risky instrument
      • Available in tenure starting from 1 year to Perpetual
    • Tax free Bonds –Suitable for person  coming under higher tax bracket (20% & 30% )
    • Capital Gain Bonds (54 EC Bonds)- Assesses have the option of not paying any long-term capital gains tax by investing the profit  capital gains bonds with a stipulated time period. Capital gains bonds are issued by specified institutions and tax benefits are available under Section 54EC of the Income Tax Act.
    • Deep Discount Bonds (Cumulative Bonds)
  • Fixed Deposit
    • Corporate FD
    • State Guaranteed FD
  • Mutual Fund
    • Equity MF
    • Debt MF
      • Liquid Schemes
      • Fixed Maturity Plan (Close Ended)
    • Balanced MF
    • ETF
      • Gold ETF
      • PSU ETF (RGESS-80CCG)
    • Equity Linked Savings scheme (Deduction U/S 80C)
  • CRPS (Compulsory Redeemable Preference Shares)
  • Inflation Indexed Bonds
  • Interest rate Futures
  • Insurance Products

Structured Products

  • Commodity Arbitrage Product
  • Real Estate
  • Gold