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Debt Intermediation

Debt Institutional Dealings : While the Fixed Income Market in India has attained some depth and maturity in government Securities, the Corporate Bonds Market is yet to reach even close to the same level. However, with a heightened focus on treasury operations by Banks and increase in the number of market participants, the market is in a high growth phase. The Institutional Dealing Team at Tipsons is amongst the Top 10 intermediaries in the secondary market for corporate Bonds, and as knowledge provider, services the investment needs of the participants.

Core Functions of the team

Intermediation services in the Secondary Corporate Bond market to Tipsons’ client base which includes around 200 investors comprising Banks, Financial Institutions, Primary Dealers, Mutual Funds, Insurance Companies, Pension & Provident Funds and Corporates.

Structured Deals in conjunction with the Investment Banking Team.

Knowledge sharing through Daily Deal Records & Weekly market Analysis. The Daily Deal Record is used through our clients, News & updates by Thomson Reuters & Bloomberg and Valuation Matrix by CRISIL & FactEntry.

Link between the Wholesale Debt Market and the Retail Market.

Future Outlook

The Corporate Bond Market today is only around 3% of the market for Government Securities in India, while internationally the Corporate Bond Markets are larger than the Treasury Bond Markets. This alone presents a strong argument for high growth. A greater focus on Treasury operations by Financial Institutions & Banks.

The investor base is increasing every year with more Mutual Funds, FIIs, Insurance Companies and Corporate entering the market. One of the largest investors worldwide, the Pension & Provident Funds, need to be recognized as mainstream investors and the norms governing their investments need to be relaxed.

With greater flexibility and freedom of investing, the participants will grow and the Indian Corporate Bonds market will evolve into a stronger, more vibrant & liquid market.

Retirement Benefit & Solution

The Retirement benefits space in India has largely been perceived to be static over the years. Inspite of slow and restrictive progress, the recent developments in Retirement Fund Industry in last 10 years along with changed dynamics of debt markets has changed the way in which the retirement funds operate and function in India.

As far as Provident Funds are concerned, EPFO is the apex body in India and manages PF monies of more than 7.5 Lacs establishments in the country. At the same time, there are more than 1500 Provident Funds which are self-managed in India. Large corporate houses and many other establishments prefer managing the PF monies on their own.

However, with the changing market scenario, evolution of investment pattern and availability of new instruments, companies which are managing their retirement funds on their own are increasingly realizing the importance of providing for proactive management of their Retirement Fund Trusts. The management and think tank of most companies have been found to take keen interest and active involvement to make sure that this molehill which has to the potential of becoming a behemoth is pro- actively looked after.

The problems and challenges faced by Retirement Trusts can be tackled with proper planning and execution built on strong expertise and experience. In our quest to aid these organizations, we at Tipsons offer Retirement Trust Solutions.


Investment Advisory

It is a Non-Discretionary service wherein comprehensive guidance is provided to the Trustees to identify optimum investment opportunities in the best instruments available. The control of portfolio ultimately remains with the Trustees and they are actively involved in the decision making.


Active Investment Management

This is a Discretionary service where in the investments are managed and executed by us after freezing the scope of investments mutually by us and the Trustees. We bring in a systems-based approach with efficient management of portfolio, data and records. The Trustees are updated on periodic intervals about the progress and performance of the fund through portfolio presentations and reports. Hence, the Trustees gain access to professional fund managers thereby allowing them to enhance return & manage risk.

Tipsons believe that Retirement Funds pose as a tipping point in the financial services domain. Being a pioneer in the debt markets has enabled Tipsons to spread its reach among Retirement Trusts across the country swiftly and has a vast experience of providing intermediary services to more than 1500 retirement trusts. With the best professional resources in place and a vast experience in the debt markets both in primary and secondary markets, Tipsons strives to bring the same processes of excellence in advisory & investment management services to Retirement Trusts.